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Noteworthy Cases    


Malinowski v. Documented Vehicle/Drivers Systems, Inc. 66 Fed. Appx. 216 (1st Cir. R.I. 2003) [spoilation of evidence]


Voyer v. New England Chemical Co., 634 A.2d 1175 (R.I. 1993) [products liability]


Peters v. Jim Walter Door Sales, 525 A.2d 46 (R.I. 1987) [products liability]


Pace v. Insurance Co. of North America, 838 F.2d 572 (1st Cir. R.I. 1988) [bad faith]


Oyola v. Avis Rent-A-Car Systems, Inc., 864 A.2d 624 (R.I. 2005) [unauthorized operator and conflicts of law]


DeRobbio v. Stop & Shop Supermarket, 756 A.2d 209 (R.I. 2000) [slip and fall law]


McGuire v. Folly Landing Restaurant, Inc., 636 A.2d 1325 (R.I. 1994) [premises liability]


Coppotelli v. Brewer Yacht Yard, 636 A.2d 1326 (R.I. 1994) [indemnification clause in lease]


East Coast Collision v. Allyn, 742 A.2d 273 (R.I. 1999) [trial counsel in fire loss claim v. landlord]