Gnys Law Associates, LLC


Legal Counsel for Rhode Island Clients


We represent clients throughout Rhode Island in a variety of legal matters and because we have worked on both sides of the equation, we are skilled at looking at cases objectively. 


Personal Injury: There are many kinds of personal injuries, which makes it is important to consult with a skilled and experienced lawyer as soon as a claim is suspected.  We have extensive experience representing injured clients - from car accidents, porch/deck collapses, construction site accidents, to food poisoning.  If you feel you have a Personal Injury case, please call us for a free consultation immediately.  We can assist you by determining if you have a valid claim and we will help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


Insurance and self-insured defense: When your business is threatened with a civil lawsuit, such as a premises liability claim, a products liability claim, a motor vehicle accident, or any other matter, Gnys Law Associates understands the challenges and has a long, successful track record defending such claims.


Arbitration and mediation: With extensive experience serving as an arbitrator and mediator, Attorney Edward L. Gnys has an unwavering reputation. Attorney Gnys is frequently selected to serve as arbitrator in statutory pre-suit arbitrations, non-binding court-ordered arbitrations and binding arbitrations. He is regularly chosen to serve as neutral arbitrator in three-panel binding arbitrations.  He also frequently serves as mediator in all types of civil disputes.